About us

We are the makers for good,

Threads of India is a sustainable art-wear clothing and handmade accessories brand- designed and styled by Sonu Dua an immigrant living in australia adelaide from India (New Delhi), her home country a city that boasts of a rich heritage of textile and craftsmanship.

                                                         Our founder Sonu Dua

Threads of India represent a community of local Indian artisan and the founder dream of curating Indian textiles and sustainable art forms which are well known and evolved and become modern and recognised around the whole world. We are a label that believes in the language of sustainability, of the power of handmade, of skill and of providing high comfort fashion with the most delicate, luxurious and sustainable fabrics.

Notes from the Founder  I enjoy everything about the fashion industry, and even as a child, I have always dreamt of being an entrepreneur, constructing and bringing something new to this beautiful world. Fashion has strongly influenced me as a child and even while growing up, something I have been cherishing for years. "Essence of owning a beautiful garment but not so beautiful construction"

"Quite an eye-opener" My journey towards a sustainable lifestyle and fashion began in 2020 during covid when I started working for big fashion retailers and realised a big gap between fashion and sustainable fashion. Essence of owning a beautiful garment but not so beautiful construction, ever since I began to explore more and started choosing wisely, and thought about it a lot of times thinking is fashion really worth, this amount of wretchedness we contribute to the makers. I began to rethink my approach to life. I read about the Rana Plaza accident that was an eye-opener and I was aghast that I was contributing to the detrimental practices of so many people. worldwide.

Our purpose at Threads of India, we have a new approach toward life, wardrobe, and lifestyle and a complete NO to fast fashion and mass production. To pursue this dream I started Threads of India a slow fashion, made to order brand where we are producing in small quantities and will never practice mass production and only be doing two collections a year. Everything is curated by our beautiful artisan and they are handmade so every purchase will give us the motivation to make the dream more powerful so we can bring these garment and handmade accessories to the you which has real meaning and value, without causing no harm to the artisan as well as the environment.

Thank you

With a wonderful team of artisans, and me the founder sonu dua, I  ensures to continue this lifelong dream and a passion of mine to make products beautiful and meaningful with the right guidelines.